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Brother Union Machinery has design and producing roll forming lines for various types of metal roofing panels, wall cladding sheets or wall siding panel from galvanized sheet metal, colored steel coil and other metal coil.

Standing Seams roll former

PPGI Roofing Sheet Forming Machine / Colour steel sheet machine

Corrugated Roof Sheet Machine

IBR Roof Sheet machine / R-Panel Machine / U-Panel Machine

Trapezoidal sheet metal machine / PBR-panel machine / AG panel machine

Floor Decking Machine / Other Custom Roll Forming Machines

Roll formed door & window frames, from galvanized steel or pre-painted steel coil. Nowadays they have become more competitive in building materials market.

Brother Union engineers are ready to serve for your unique-profile metal frame production line. By Brother Union Roll Former, increase production efficiency and reduce cost for steel door manufacturers.

Custom design roll forming machines are available.

With the development of Logistic Industry, roll forming is widely used to produce warehouse racks / pallet racks which are assembled from roll formed uprights,cross beams, shelf deckings, diagonal bracing, horizontal bracing and other fittings.

Custom design roll forming machines is available. Contact us for your Shelving & Racking Production Machines.


Cable ladders are mainly to support heavy and long-span cabling.

Cable trays are typically used for lightweight cable support. 

Brother Union Machinery has experience in roll forming solutions for cable ladder, cable tray. 

Brother Union Machinery designs and manufactures gutters roll former, downspout roll former

for commercial and residential rail water gutter and downpipe applications. 

Custom design roll forming machine is available.

Cold Roll Forming has been widely used in the field of the automobile industry. 

Brother Union Machinery has the ability to provide roll forming solution for the automotive industry, bumper, impact beam, track rails etc.

We have experience in the roll forming process of High Strength Steel(HSS) and Ultral High Strength Steel (AHSS).

A guardrail is the important highway safety system, it is installed along the highway and forms a safety barrier. 

Brother Union Machinery produce roll forming machines for highway guard rail (road barrier), 2-wave, 3 wave and other custom design machines.

Roll Forming Technology has widely used in Power and Energy Industry.

Brother Union Machinery offers custom roll forming machines for cable tray & ladder, solar energy framing and Precipitator anode plates.

Steel Coil Slitting Machine

Steel Coil Cut to length Line.

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