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FAQ About Brother Union & Roll Forming Machines


  • Q What type of Machinery does Brother Union Machinery sale? | About Us

    A Brother Union Machinery mainly sells roll forming machines and coil processing machines, sheet metal forming machines. We also supply related service about roll forming machine.

    Enterprises rely on good products to achieve returns from market. What is the uniqueness skill of Brother Union Machinery. 

    High-strength steels roll forming

    Brother Union Machinery has designed and manufactured roll forming machines for Customers with high quality requirements, especially automotive industry. In the automotive industry. Cars' roll-formed parts use a variety of specifications, and most of the sections are more complex, and the dimensional accuracy is strict. And with the development of automotive lightweighting, car manufacturers reduce the wall thickness and to increase the strength of the materials.We are proud that we have participated in the high-yield strength car bumper production line manufacturing and supplied our roll forming equipment for world-renowned automobile parts enterprises.


    Door Frame Roll Forming Machines

    Door Frame Making Machine is one of the main roll forming equipment of Brother Union Machinery. Thanks to engineers' hard-working & customer choices, Brother Union Machinery has served steel door & window manufacturers with a world footprint. We have accumulated a wealth of experience In the door frame and window frame roll forming machine to produce a variety of metal frame profiles. eg commercial steel doors frames, residential metal door frames, fire-rated door frames, and other customized framings.

    Brother Union Machinery also manufacture and supply coil processing machines:

    Coil Handing Equipment

    Slitting Machines

    Pressing & Punching Equipment

    Cut to Length Machines


    Brother Union Machinery always focuses on boosting productivity of roll forming equipment to proper level,to balance the equipment purchase cost and production efficiency.


    More Roll Forming Equipment  Project Case

    Roll Formed Profiles by Brother Union Machinery



  • Q Does Brother Union Machinery sell custom made roll forming machine? | About Us

    A We are professional in roll forming machine design and manufacturing, expecially expert in high quanlity customized roll forming machines.
  • Q How do I request a roll forming machine price / quote? | Buy Roll Forming Machine

    Contact us by email or phone for a roll forming machine price. In order to send you a relatively accurate quotation, the buyers should send:

    1. profile drawings,
    2. steel(or other metal)coil specifications,
    3. hole-puching drawings
    3. and other detailed requirement to us. 
    If you do not have the drawings, please at least send roll formed part pictures and your main requirements.
    You can also check Brother Union Machinery website and YOUTUBE Channel to see picture or roll forming machine video find and select the similar roll forming machine you want to buy.

  • Q Why choose Brother Union roll forming machine? | About Us

    In most cases, our roll former prices are higher than most of our Chinese competitors. Why customer still choose our roll forming machines? 
    Our pricing has always been a quality assurance that allows our customers to get the real qualified roll forming machine. Brother Union Roll Forming Machine has a high level of attention to detail. We use high-quality materials and offer high-quality workmanship to make sure the machine working reliability & lifetime.

    Customers' choices are the greatest affirmation to the Brother Union Roll Forming Machines.

    Please click the above links to see the roll forming machines working in customers' factories.
  • Q Does Brother Union Machinery supply machine Installation and Commissioning Service? | About Us

    A Yes, Normally, we privide machine installtion and commissioning service. After roll forming machine transported to user's factory. Brother Union engineeers will come to install and debugg the machine. BU engineers have plenty of experience in roll forming equipment debugging & maintainance abroad.
  • Q About Company Size of Brother Union Roll Forming Machinery | About Us

    Brother Union is not a large factory. We are a small private owned company that focus is on offering quality roll forming machines and coil processing equipment. We emphasize on manufacturing high-qulity roll fomers and service to high-end customer all the world.
  • Q How much training is needed to operate the roll forming machine? | Buy Roll Forming Machine

    A Do not need to worry, Brother Union conduct basic roll forming machine operational training, so for the first time customers are operating the machines under the instruction of Engineers from BU Roll Forming. Buyers can also contact us for roll forming machine maintainess assistance by internet.
  • Q If my roll forming machine breakdown, what to do? | Roll Forming Machine Maintainance

    A Thanks to the internet. Brother United Machinery developed the "Remote Connection System" to help guide customers in the troubleshooting and maintenance of roll forming machines.Brother Union's service engineers have the ability to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot roll forming lines that work in customer factory.
    To normal part wearout, To normal part wearout, we can supply new machined parts and elements. Customers can also sourcing from local market under the instruction by BU engineers.
  • Q Selection of Roller Material | Roll Forming Basics


    Selection of Roller Material 

    The general principle of selection of roll material is to fit to its application environment.
    No material is to fit all applications. The normal “good material” has its Specific working conditions and technical requirements.
    The wear resistance of a material not only depends on the material itself, but also has a great relationship with the wear conditions.?For the same material, the performance of different wear systems is quite different, and different working environments should use rollers of different materials.
    In the specific selection of roll material should be considered from the following aspects

    (1)The roller material should have high wear resistance and suitable hardness. 

    The abrasion resistance and hardness of the roll surface not only affect the service life of the roll but also affect the shape size and surface quality of rolled formed products.

    (2)The roller material should have sufficient strength and toughness. 

    if the roll only has high wear resistance and hardness, without good strength (including fatigue strength) and toughness, the roller in the roll forming process may break or surface peeling, crack, affect the reliability and safety of the roll.

    (3)The roller material must have certain cold machining and hot working performance

    Cold machining refers to lathes, grinders, milling machines, drilling machines and other processing, while hot machining refers to casting, forging and heat treatment
  • Q Classification Methods of Cold-roll formed profiles | Roll Forming Basics

    There is no unified regulation or agreement on the classification methods of cold-formed steel products. 

    Generally speaking, cold roll formed steel profiles can be classified  by the sectional shape characteristics of the products.

    By the section shape, they can be roughly divided into the following three categories: open section section, closed section section and wide section.

    1. open section section

    Example: Door Frame Profile, C-Punrlin, Racking Upright, Racking Beam

    2. closed section section

    Example: Box Beam, Downspout

    3. wide section

    Example: Roofing Panel and Wall Siding, Decking
  • Q How to check the roll forming machine quality good or bad? | Buy a Roll Forming Machine


    How to check the roll forming machine quality good or bad? 

    There are lots of things to consider when buying a roll forming machine. Here we only talk about same simply methods to indentify the roll forming machine quality good or bad?

    1. Look at the appreance of the roll forming machine.

    The first point is definitely to look at the appearance. You should carefully observe some subtleties, because the quality of the roll forming machine is often reflected in these small places.These details can reflect the manufacturer's level of technology and management.

    2. Touch and feel the vibration of roll forming machines.

    Normally a roll former with strong base means higher precision and longer life. Just feel the working vibration when roll forming machine running. It is an easy way to identify low quality equipment.

    3. Listen to the working noise.

    Normally a good roll former has lower noise when running.

    4. Check the roll formed profiles quality.

    Check the formed profiles, it is the most direct way to identify the roll former qualified or not. Although some of the equipment will deform after working for a period of time and the size of the product will change, at least it can be determined that the new equipment is still usable.

    5. Ask qustions about roll forming machine maintanence.

    A good design roll forming machine, from the beginning of the design, manufacturer has considering to minimize the installation and maintenance costs. e.g. center alignment, a good roll forming line is much easier to do the certer aligning in less time.

    6. Roller Materials

    Roller is a key part of roll forming machine, high quality roll not only means high precision machining, but also appropriate quality steel with professional heat treatment.
    The above are some small tips to check the roll former quality. We hope it is helpful for you to buy a new roll forming machine.
  • Q General Maintenance Guide for Roll Forming Machines | Roll Froming Machine Maintenance

    Keep the roll forming line in good working condition is Maintenance engineer's first priority, Keep each machine in the metal forming line running efficiently with shortest breakdown time. Maintain the machine running smoothly to reach a high level of productivity, it is save time and money for the company.
    1. The maintenance personals should be adequately prepared and qualified in maintenance operation of the roll forming machine
    2. Maintain the roll forming working area in order and clean. Roll dies should not bump. In order to protect the roller dies, the raw sheet metal should be relative flat without too much bending or foreign matters.
    3. Every day when starting up, first let the roll forming line empty run, after checking, then feeding metal coil and start production.
    4. Regular Lubricant to bearings, chains,guide rails in roll forming machines, oiled the machine at marked lubrication points.
    5. Maintain the hydraulic system of roll forming machine.
  • Q The advantages and disadvantages of roll forming | Roll Forming Basics

    Generally speaking, roll forming is a high-speed method of bending coiled metal into a custom designed metal shape by passing a metal strip through a series of roll dies. The process produces a metal profile with a uniform cross section along its entire length.
    The metal, which starts out flat, is fed from a coil into a configuration of roll die stations or passed. At each pass the metal is progrressively bend until the final profile emerges.

    The advantages of roll forming

    The advantages of roll forming are speed, economy of scale, the ability to eliminate and incorporate secondary operation such as punching and notching in-line, the ability to form both simple and complex shapes, and the ability to produce extra long shapes that can not fit into a brake press.
    1. Holding tighter tolerances
    2. quick change-over for multiple lengths
    3. minimize material handling
    4. save floor space
    5. standard shapes(such as U-channels, angles, hat sections, box channels) are often available with minimal or not tooling cost.

    The disadvantages of roll forming

    The process does not lend itself to small quantity production runs.
    1. set-up times can vary between a few hours to a couple of days.
    2. excessive set-up scrap
    Roll Forming VS Brake Forming
    Roll Forming Conventional Sheet Metal Fabrication
    Typically holds tighter tolerances Typically holds looser tolerances
    Inline punching,notching,etc - elimates secondary operation Mutiple operation required - shearing, notching, perforating, etc.
    Complex shapes Simple shapes
    Longer part lengths Most brake parts have limited length
    High-speed production Slower production speed
    Lower labor costs Higher labor costs
    Potentially higher tooling costs Potentially lower tooling costs
    Longer set-up time Shorter set-up time
    Potentially more scrap Potentially less scrap





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