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R-Panel Machine | U-Panel Machine | Roofing Machine

Sheet metal goes through a series of roller dies, it is formed into the desired corrugation metal profile. The corrugated sheet metal has widely used as roofing, wall siding, decking in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial buildings.
Due to the material technology development, Galvanized Steel, Galvalume, PPGI, and PPGL (color steel) are widely used as the raw material of corrugated sheet metal. The roofing panels have a longer service time, and more color and pattern choices for customers.
As a professional roll former manufacturer, Brother Union Machinery has been designing and producing machines that produce a variety of metal corrugated sheets:
Corrugated Roof Sheet; Standing seam roofing; R-Panel roofing; PBR-Panel roofing;U-Panel roofing; IBR roof Sheet; Metal Wall sidings, and customized roofing profiles
We are proud that we have been producing cost-efficient roll-formers. Please contact us for the price of a roofing panel machine.
Control System:
Forming Speed:
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Roofing Panel Roll Forming Machine

Since the year 2008, Brother Union Machinery has been serving the renowned roofing panel manufacturers. Cooperating closely with the roofing machine users, we have designed a series of roof panel/wall panel production line according to the users' requirements. 

We are proud that these machines are working days and days to produce favorite roof sheets in the market. They are boosting the roofing manufacturer's business. 

Video of Roofing Panel Machine

Roofing Panel Drawing

r-panel by Brother Union Machinery

Advantages of Brother Union Roofing Machine

  • Sturdy machine Base and Framing, longer service life.

  • Quality Roller Dies and Shearing Dies

  • Automatic control system

  • Easy Installation, Easy Operation, and Easy Maintainance

  • High Production Efficiency

  • High quality finished products with Accurate Profile Section

  • The roofing panel surface is good,no scratches

  • Finished products automatic stacking system is optional

  • A no-stop Flying shear system is optional for a faster speed.

  • Cost-effective

  • Custom profile roofing machines are available.

Roofing Machine Layout and Stations

Layout of Roofing Panel Line

R-Panel 20201129 600x300

Workflow of roll forming line

Uncoiler - Feeding & Guiding - Roll Forming - Shearing - Conveyor


Size(L W G) (m) Weight(Kg)
Uncoiler 1.3 × 2.0 × 1.9
Roll Forming & Cutting 10 ×1.5 × 1.8 8500
Conveyor Frame 6.0 ×1.0 × 0.9 300

Roofing Machine Introduction 

Due to its rigid base and strong framing, this roof panel making machine has a production speed of 40 meters/min.

Some non-metal material parts installed in this production line are helpful to prevent scratching damages to the roofing panel surface.

The roller dies material is 45# carbon steel (GB-Chinese Standard, equal to ASTM 1045) and its surface is hard chrome plated, so the roller has a long time service time.

The center shafts are made of 40Cr Steel (GB-Chinese Standard, equal to ASTM 5140). After tempering heat treatment, they have higher hardness.

The shear mold material is D2 (High carbon-chromium tool steel), It can bear over two million times shearing in a normal production situation.

In conclusion, this roll forming machine can produce roofing panels automatically, continuously at a high speed. It is easy to operate, maintain, and has a long service life.

General Data of Roll Former

The following data is the roof panel machine's general data. Because of some-customized modifications according to customer's requirements in real production, the actual data should be subject to the business contract.

Product Name:  Roofing Panel Roll Forming Line

Layout Size (total)23.0 × 2.0 × 1.9 Meter (L W H) 
Weight(total)12,600 Kgs

Control System
System LanguageEnglish, Chinese (other language available)
Installed Power13.5 KW

Coil MaterialGalvanized Steel,PPGI and PPGL Coils (Color Steel), Aluminium Sheet
Coil Width1000mm, 1219mm, and 1250mm (Custom Width is available)
Coil Thickness0.3-0.8mm
Coil Yield Strength235Mpa-550Mpa

Roll Forming System
Forming Speed20-25 meters/min ( 40m/min is optional)
Roller Stations18 Stations ( Station-quantity 
Roller Die Material45# carbon steeel (ASTM 1045), Heat-treated to HRC 50
Roller Die Coatinghard chrome plated
Shaft Material

40 Cr steel (ASTM: 5140), Tempering HRC 45-50

Shaft Diameter80mm

Cutting System
Shearing System

Stop & Cutting by Eletrical Motor , Post Cut (Flying Shear is optional)

Shearing DieD2 (High carbon-chromium tool steel), Heat-treated to HRC 58-62

Conveyor Frame
Conveyornon-motorized (Automatic Stacking System is optional)

General Description of Metal roofing

Due to its low cost, lightweight, easy to install, and low maintenance, Metal roofing was initially popular in the late 19th century.

After world war 2, modern roll forming technology was developed. An automatic roll former can produce roof panels at a high speed which was unimaginable before. This process reduces roofing production costs significantly.

Today, people have more options to choose the roofing panel styles and colors they wanted. Metal roofings are everywhere, becuase of their advantages, such as  long life expectancy, certain quality metal roofings can last more than 60 years without much maintainance work. They are more widely used in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial buildings.  

In a metal roofing system, not only the roofing panels but also the roof trims including ridge channel, drip edge, eave, and gutter are also can be made by the roll forming process.

The following roof sheet profiles have been producing by roll forming machine made by Brother Union Machinery.

R-Panel by Brother Union Machinery

R Type Roofing Panel

R-Panel / PBR-panel is a corrugated metal roof that has ribs of varying heights. The panels can be installed on metal purlins or beams. It is a low-maintenance, durable roofing material and is widely used as roofing in residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings.  It also works as a wall-siding commonly. Brother Union Machinery has been manufacturing roll formers for this type of multi-use wall and roof panels.

Corrugated Roofing Panel by Brother Union Machinery

Corrgated Roofing Panel

A corrugated metal panel, also called corrugated galvanised iron(CGI), these panels are mass-produced nowadays through roll forming. Due to the corrugated sheet metal has advantages of lower cost, corrosion-resistant, high-strengh,and easily transported, the panels are widely used as roofing, wall siding, floor decking.

U-Panel, Box Rib Panel Roll Forming by Brother Union Machinery

U Type Roof panel

U-panel is a corrugated metal roof that has same heights ribs. It is section shape is similar like R roof panel.  Brother Unin Machinery has been manfuacring roll former for U-panel manufacturers.

20201125 IBR Panel Roll Forming by Brother Union Machinery_副本

IBR Panel / Box Profile Roofing Panel

IBR(Inverted Box Rib) is a roof panel with a square fluted profile, which is popular in the Africa roofing market. This sheet is like any other metal roofing sheet but features distinctive box sections rather than curved corrugations. They are commonly used in agricultural buildings, commercial warehouses, and residential buildings.

20201125 Standing Seam Roofing Panel by Brother Union Machinery

Standing Seam Roof Panel, Wall Panel

A standing seam metal roofing is characterized by a flat space between upright or trapezoidal legs, and because its fasteners are concealed, it looks neat and modern. The standing seam roof panel can be used as a roofing panel and wall panel. Brother Union Machinery has produced industrial roll forming lines that Produce standing seam roofing panels for the American market.

Though Brother Union Machinery has been producing roll forming machines for roofing sheet business worldwide. We have to say there are too many patterns of roofing sheets, we are a professional machinery manufacturer that focus on making machines, but not a roofing manufacturer. We just list the part of common roofing profiles we have been involving. 

We are always here to serve a roofing panel manufacturer, and we hope to receive your new roll-forming designing request with inventive roofing profiles.  After all, our engineers and technicians are very expert in custom roll forming machines.

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Standing Seam Roofing Siding Panel02

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Standing Seam Roofing Siding Panel06

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Standing Seam Roofing Siding Panel04

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Standing Seam Roofing Siding Panel05

Standing Seam | Wall Siding Panel | Roof Panel






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