Fire Rated Door Frame Roll Forming Machine
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Fire Rated Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

A fire rated security steel door is a heavy door to protect your property, it is part of a passive fire protection system to save lifes and to protect property.
Brother Union Machiney design and produce rollformers for steel commercial and residential fire doof / security door frame production. Our experienced engineers are ready to supply clients with multiple fire door and security production solutions.
From Standard Door Frame Making Machine to customized profile equipment, Whether it's economical or high-end roll forming equipment, Brother Union Machiney is always your good choice as a professional roll forming machine manufacturer.

Fire Rated Security Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Cooperating closely with the security door manufacturer, we have designed the door frame roll forming lines. 

In the end, a saw cutter cut the profiles by different angles,  the door header, hinge jamb, and strike jamb are made in one production line.

Normally the fire-rated security door frame uses thicker gauge steel. After the roll forming or press braking, the door header, hinge jamb, and strike jamb are assembled and welded at the joints into a whole door frame.

By Brother Union Machinery roll forming machines, the door frame manufacturers have improved the production efficiency, cut-down the production cost.

Door Frame Profile

Security Door Frame Machine

Advantages of Door Frame Roll Forming

The door frame profile has its complicated, the traditional bending machine/press braking is time-consuming and labor-intensive.  Especially for large quantity and complex-section steel door frame production, a roll forming machine has its advantages:

  • Continiuous non-stop production.

  • Production Speed Higher.

  • Roll formed door frame has more close tolerances.

  • Lower Labor-cost than Press Brake.

  • Cost Effective for large quantity production.

  • Multiple door frame profiles can be made by one production line.






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