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Roofing & Wall Siding Panel Roll Forming Line

Metal roofing, wall cladding & siding panel sheet are widely used in commercial and residential buildings. The cold-rolled corrugated metal panels are cut to length and installed exterior or interior as roof panels or wall sidings.
Brother Union Machinery, providing a full rollforming solution for high-end industrial sheet metal roof & clad & facade manufacturers world-wide. The roll forming lines have been serving the renowned roofing manufacturers, and are boosting their roofing business. The production lines have been producing a large quantity of standing seam roof and wall panels for a reputable project.
By quick-change cassette or roller adjusting, various types of metal panel profiles and textures can be produced from metal coils. (Galvanized steel sheet, colored steel sheet, Al-Zn Coated Steel, aluminum sheet, zinc, copper, and stainless steel).
Contact us for the customized roll forming Line of roofing panels & cladding tiles.
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Roofing and Wall Siding Panel Roll Forming Machine





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