Roofing & Wall Siding Panel Roll Forming Line
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Roofing & Wall Siding Panel Roll Forming Line

Metal roofing, wall cladding & siding panel sheet are widely used in commercial and residential buildings. The cold-rolled corrugated metal panels are cut to length and installed exterior or interior as roof panels or wall sidings.
Brother Union Machinery, providing a full rollforming solution for high-end industrial sheet metal roof & clad & facade manufacturers world-wide. The roll forming lines have been serving the renowned roofing manufacturers, and are boosting their roofing business. The production lines have been producing a large quantity of standing seam roof and wall panels for a reputable project.
By quick-change cassette or roller adjusting, various types of metal panel profiles and textures can be produced from metal coils. (Galvanized steel sheet, colored steel sheet, Al-Zn Coated Steel, aluminum sheet, zinc, copper, and stainless steel).
Contact us for the customized roll forming Line of roofing panels & cladding tiles.
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Roofing and Wall Siding Panel Roll Forming Machine

General Description of Metal roofing

Today, people have more options to choose the roofing panel styles and colors they wanted. Metal roofings are everywhere, becuase of their advantages, such as  long life expectancy, certain quality metal roofings can last more than 60 years without much maintainance work. They are more widely used in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial buildings.  

In a metal roofing system, not only the roofing panels but also the roof trims including ridge channeldrip edgeeave, and gutter are also can be made by the roll forming process.

The following roof sheet profiles have been producing by roll forming machine made by Brother Union Machinery.

R-Panel by Brother Union Machinery

R Type Roofing Panel

R-Panel / PBR-panel is a corrugated metal roof that has ribs of varying heights. The panels can be installed on metal purlins or beams. It is a low-maintenance, durable roofing material and is widely used as roofing in residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings.  It also works as a wall-siding commonly. Brother Union Machinery has been manufacturing roll formers for this type of multi-use wall and roof panels.

Corrugated Roofing Panel by Brother Union Machinery

Corrgated Roofing Panel

A corrugated metal panel, also called corrugated galvanised iron(CGI), these panels are mass-produced nowadays through roll forming. Due to the corrugated sheet metal has advantages of lower cost, corrosion-resistant, high-strengh,and easily transported, the panels are widely used as roofing, wall siding, floor decking.

U-Panel, Box Rib Panel Roll Forming by Brother Union Machinery

U Type Roof panel

U-panel is a corrugated metal roof that has same heights ribs. It is section shape is similar like R roof panel.  Brother Unin Machinery has been manfuacring roll former for U-panel manufacturers.

20201125 IBR Panel Roll Forming by Brother Union Machinery_副本

IBR Panel / Box Profile Roofing Panel

IBR(Inverted Box Rib) is a roof panel with a square fluted profile, which is popular in the Africa roofing market. This sheet is like any other metal roofing sheet but features distinctive box sections rather than curved corrugations. They are commonly used in agricultural buildings, commercial warehouses, and residential buildings.

20201125 Standing Seam Roofing Panel by Brother Union Machinery

Standing Seam Roof Panel, Wall Panel

A standing seam metal roofing is characterized by a flat space between upright or trapezoidal legs, and because its fasteners are concealed, it looks neat and modern. The standing seam roof panel can be used as a roofing panel and wall panel. Brother Union Machinery has produced industrial roll forming lines that Produce standing seam roofing panels for the American market.

Though Brother Union Machinery has been producing roll forming machines for roofing sheet business worldwide. We have to say there are too many patterns of roofing sheets, we are a professional machinery manufacturer that focus on making machines, but not a roofing manufacturer. We just list the part of common roofing profiles we have been involving. 

We are always here to serve a roofing panel manufacturer, and we hope to receive your new roll-forming designing request with inventive roofing profiles.  After all, our engineers and technicians are very expert in custom roll forming machines.

Related Metal Sheeting Profile Drawings

20201125 Box Profile Roofing Panel Brother Union Machinery03

Box Profile | Roofing Sheet | Wall Panel

20201125 Box Profile Roofing Panel Brother Union Machinery06

Box Profile | Roofing Panel | Wall | Pane

20201125 Corrugated Sheet Metal Brother Union Machinery02

Corrugated Sheet Metal

20201125 R-Panel 3ribs Roofing Panel Machine Brother Union Machinery05

 R-Panel | 3 low ribs | Roof Panel

20201125 R-Panel Roofing Machine Brother Union Machinery01

R-Panel | 1 low rib | Roofing Sheet

20201125 U Roofing Panel Machine Brother Union Machinery04

U-Panel | Roof Panel | Wall Panel

Standing Seam Roofing Siding Panel01

Custom Design | Standing Seam | Roofing Panel | Wall Panel

Standing Seam Roofing Siding Panel02

Standing Seam | Roofing Panel 

Standing Seam Roofing Siding Panel06

Standing Seam | Roofing Panel

Standing Seam Roofing Siding Panel04

Standing Seam | Wall Siding Panel

Standing Seam Roofing Siding Panel05

Standing Seam | Wall Siding Panel | Roof Panel






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