Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Line
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Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Line

Highway Guardrail also called Road Barriers, it plays a vital role in expressway system.
Brother Union Machinery has a complete solution to produce roll fomring lines for highway safety guardrails. The continuous road barrier consists of corrugated guide rail, Distance Spacer and Post.
Our experienced engineers are ready to design your high-efficiency roll formers to produce w-beam, thrie-beam and other road safety barriers.
By quick-plugs, machine can be installed and start in shorter time to start the production.

Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

HighWay Safety Guardrail / Road Barrier Roll Forming Machine

  1. 1. Layout of Guardrail roll forming machine

  2. layout of roll forming machine by brother union machinery

  1. 2. Production Description

  2. This roll forming machine is designed for guardrail or road barrier production. It mainly consists of uncoiler, leveling device, Shearing & Butt-Welding device, guiding device, servo feeding device, punching and pre-cut device, guardrail roll former, Automatic stacker, hydraulic and electric control system.

  3. This production line is controlled by PLC and it continuously forms the steel sheet into highway guardrails with specific cross section and cut to length according to customer’s requirement.

    3. Highway Guardrail Drawings (W-Beam Profile & Thrie-Beam Road Barrier Profiles)

    Roll Formed Guardrail Drawing

Highway 3-Wave Guardrail

   4. Raw Material of Guardrail Production Line


Hot Rolled Plate

Steel Yield Strength:




Coil ID:

Ф508 mm; Ф610 mm

Coil OD:


Coil Weight:


    5. Main Parameters of Guardrail Production Line

Production Output Speed 12 m/min 

Guardrail Length Tolerance


Power Source

380V, 50Hz, 3Phase (according to buyer request)

Compressed Air

0.6 – 1.2 Mpa, 300L/Min
Installed Power About 120 Kw

    6. Process Flow of Guardrail Production Line

Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Process

Decoiling → Leveling → Shearing & Butt-Welding → Feeding Material → Punching Hole → Pre-cutting → Roll Forming → Automatic Stacker


  7. Components of Highway Safety Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

7.1 Uncoiler in Guardrail Roll Forming Line

Uncoiler and coil cart of Guardrail Roll Formig Machine

Hydraulically expanding, driven by motor, with press arm and Brake device, Inching Operation Mode.

Loading Capacity


Coil ID

Ф508 mm; Ф610 mm

Coil OD


7.2 Leveling Machine in Guardrail Roll Forming Line

Leveling Machine in Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

The leveling is to guide and leveling steel sheet, leveling device including the Pinch Rolls and Leveling Rolls, Pinch Rolls can go up and down, so easy to adjust the leveling space and leveling angle. It has 5 leveling rolls, lead screw adjustment. Feeding Port has vertical rolls positioning device.

The Leveling Rollers Material is GCr15, with heat treatment HRC58-62. 

Structure: one pair feed rolls, springs equipped to press the material, and loose the material pneumatically. The process is controlled by servo motor, the servo motor is of international famous brand.


  • Feed Rolls Material: GGr15, Hardness: HRC55-60

  • Operator can adjust the feeding speed and can input groups of length data to meet the different requirement.

  • Feeding Precision: ±0.2mm/ pace (not accumulative)

7.3  Loop

Function: To balance the speed of leveling device and feeding device.

Structure: It consists of two parts, support rollers and support device. There are four groups of support rollers, it is located at both sides of the two loops. The rollers are with hard chrome.

7.4  Punching Device (Including Pre-cut device)

Press & Punching in Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

It adopts the High Speed Mould, use different station mould to punch different holes (Do not need to change mould). The punching die adopts cell structure design. it can be adjusted at transverse direction. 

  • The Hydraulic power system adopts accumulator and professional hydraulic valve module to generate a fast punching but low noise. It equipped with a big power chiller for long time running of the machine.( this hydraulic system has already adopt successfully for many production lines) 

  • Punching die: adopt cell structure design, the die is adjustable. It has features like long life, easy replacement and repairing.

  • The material of punching head is DC53, hardness HRC58-62.

  • Totally 3 punching units. (should according to the final drawing confirmed by both sides)

Drawing of Punching is provided by the buyer.

7.4  Transport Conveyor

Conveyor in Guardrail Roll Forming Line

Function: Transport the steel sheet after cutting to the roll former 

Structure: It consists of transport rolls and base frame. It is driven by seperate motor, the speed is adjusted by frequency, which could match the speed of punching device and roll former. 

7.4  Roll Former

Roll Former for Road Barrier by Brother Union Machinery

This roll former adopts the independent column wall structure with gear box transmission. 

  • Number of Roller Station: 15 roller stands 

  • Shaft Diameter: Ø90 

  • Reduction box drives the down shaft, the up and down shafts adopt synchromesh gear( for necessary roll station only) 

  • Column wall outboard’s nuts have two types: left hand(down shaft) and right hand(up shaft)

  • Column wall material is QT470.

  • Shaft material is 40Cr with quenching treatment, HRC45.

Roller Material

Roller material adopts Cr12, after quenching treatment the hardness is HRC 58 – 62. Surface after Polished Finish treatment.

  • There is Mark on the side of rollers and surface of spacers, for purpose of easy repairing.

  • Material: Cr12 chemical composition comparison table

7.5 Automatic Stacker

Stacker of Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Function: To stack the roll formed guardrail plates automatically. 

Structure: It consists of receiving system, lifting system, etc. Lifting system is automatic, it can fall down when batch height is adding, and send the signal to make the lifting system falling down. There are chain to transport the batch guardrail out.

7.6 Hydraulic System in Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Hydraulic System for Guardrail Roll Froming Machine

Hydraulic system provide power for decoiling, punching and cutting.

It consists of motor oil pump, hydraulic valve, and manometer, filter and so on.

Equipped with wind cooling system.

Main Hydaulic Components are high quality Chinese brands and international brands that have been market-approved. 

7.6 Electrical System in Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

The Guardrail (e.g. length and size)specifications and system parameters  can be set on the PLC by touch screen. There is warning function to monitor the roll forming machine working situtation.

When this machine running under automatic mode, no  operators required to operate.

Quick-Installation Plugs are equipped to short the machine installation time. 

Main eletrical components are international brands, customers can also  select specific brands.





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