Square Downspout Pipe Roll Forming Machine
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Square Downspout Pipe Roll Forming Machine

Brother Union Machinery manufactures rainwater downspout machines and elbow machines for building and construction. A downspout is a pipe to carry rainwater in the rain gutter system. This industrial downpipe roll former is designed to produce corrugated downpipes from galvanized steel, painted steel or stainless steel.
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Square Downspout Pipe Roll Forming Machine

1. General Description of Downspout Pipe Machine

This rectangular downpipe Roll Forming Machine automatically adjusts to produce the downpipe according to client requirement. The machine is controlled by PLC, fully automatic working. It can automatically record the production quantity, automatically measure the length. It has Alarm Display and Emergency Stop function. All the machine working actions can be controlled by control panel. 

2. Downspout Profile Drawing

downspout profile drawing

rainwater downpipes

3. Raw Material of Downspout

Material Thickness I.D. Max. O.D. Yield Strength Max. Coil Weight
Pre-coated Steel Coil
0.3-0.5 mm Ф508mm Ф1200 mm ≤320 Mpa

3 Tons

4. Main parameters of the downspout production line

Work Temperature -10℃~35℃
Voltage 380V±10%,50 HZ,3P
Air Pressure 0.6~1.2 Mpa
Total Power ≈11KW
Production Capacity about 0-20 m/min(Not include shearing time)
Dimension (L*W*H) L≈18 m, W≈ 2m, H≈ 1.8m
Shipping Container 40GP

5. Workflow of Downspout Machine

Layout of Downspout Making Machine

Decoiling →Pre-cut-off→ Roll Forming →Cuting →Stacking

6.  Devices in Downspout Production Line

No. Item Quantity
1 Decoiler 1 set
2 Roll Former 1 set
3 Roller Die 1 set
4 Cut-off Device 1 set
5 Hydraulic System 1 set
6 Electrical Control System 1 set
7 Elbow Machine 1 set
  1. 6.1 Decoiler in Downspout Roll Forming Machine

Uncoiler of downspout roll forming machine

  • Cantilever structure, welded base;

  • Manual rotation expanding;

  • Brake device;

  • Passive rotation;

  • Max loading capacity: 3T 

  1. 6.2 Roll Former in Downspout Roll Forming Machine

  • Independent column wall in the roll former 

  • Driving mode: sprocket and chain. 

  • Shaft material: 40Cr with quenching treatment, HRC45.

downspout roll former

  1. 6.3 Roll Dies of Roll Former

Production Process of Roller Dies of Brother Union Machinery

production process of roller dies

roller die machining

  1. 6.4 Cut-off 

  • Cut-off Die Material: Cr12MoV forged;

  • Application: To cut off the downspout in length without cut off waste;

  • Shearing Machine Power:  hydraulic

  1. 6.5 Elbow Machine for downspout pipe

This Elbow forming machine bend the roll-formed downspout pipes to a certain angle. It is composed of pressing machine and curving die.

downspout pipe elbow machine






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