Galvanized Steel Door Frame Roll Forming Line
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Galvanized Steel Door Frame Roll Forming Line

A hollow steel door frame, normally made by press brake or Roll-forming. It has 3 parts: the header profile, hinge jamb, and strike jamb.
This production line is to produce steel door frames from galvanized steel coil.
The whole door frame is produced in one roll forming line. The producing process includes steel coil uncoiling, leveling, holes-punching, cut-off, and roll forming.
Brother Union Machinery has been producing roll forming machines for hollow metal door frame manufacturers. Experienced engineers are always ready to serve customers with satisfied door frame production solutions.
Brother Union Roll Former, increase the production efficiency and reduce the cost for steel door manufacturers.
Other custom metal frame roll forming solutions are also available

Hollow Metal Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Since the year 2010, Brother Union Machinery has been serving the pressed steel door frame manufacturers in Europe,African countries, India and other countries. 

Cooperating closely with the machine users, we have designed a series of door frame production lines according to the users’equirements.

The high-quality door frame machines have a long service time, 10 years passed, these machines we made are still making popular quality steel door frames for the building materials market. We are proud that the excellent quality machine we have been offering.

Thanks for the customers trust and continuous new orders. Brother Union Machinery keeps going on to design and manufacture quality door frame making machines.

Video of Door Frame Machine

Door Frame Profile

Hollow Steel Door Frame Profile 20201205 600x300

Advantages of Brother Union Door Frame Machine

  • Sturdy machine Base and Framing, longer service life.

  • Quality Roller Dies

  • Automatic control system

  • Multiple profiles with different throat sizes by one production line

  • Easy Installation, Easy Operation, and Easy Maintainance

  • High Production Efficiency

  • Short downtime for another size door frame

  • Finished door frames with Accurate Profile Section

  • Door frame surface is good,no scratches

  • Cost-effective

  • Custom-made roll forming machines are available.

Door Frame Machine Layout and Stations

Layout of Door Frame Production Line

20201204 Door Frame Machine Layout

Workflow of roll forming line

Uncoiler - Coil Leveling Machine - Feeding & Hole Punching & Pre-cutting - Roll Forming - Conveyor


Size(L W G) (m) Weight(Kg)
Uncoiler 1.7 × 2.4 × 1.8 (coil loaded)

Coil Leveling Machine 1.8 × 0.9 × 1.5 
Feeding & Hole Punching & Pre-Cutting 4.0 × 1.2 × 1.7 
Roll Forming 7.0 ×1.3 × 1.9
Conveyor Frame 6.0 ×1.0 × 0.9 300

Press & Punch in the Door Frame Production Line

The press and punch play an important role in a hollow metal frame production line.

Normally a hollow metal door frame consists of 3 parts, the header the hinge jamb, and the strike jamb. 

In this door frame production process, the three parts are not cut-off thoroughly,  hinge holes, strike holes and the joints are punched in sequence.

After roll forming, 3 parts of the steel door frame are still connected, users just need to bend them at the joint and assemble them into a door frame.

General Data of Roll Former

The following data is the door frame machine's general data. Because of some-customized modifications according to customer's requirements in real production, the actual data should be subject to the business contract.

Product Name: Steel Hollow Door Frame Roll Forming Line

Layout Size (total)27.6 × 2.3 × 1.9 Meter (L W G) 
Weight(total)12,600 Kgs

Control System
System LanguageEnglish, Chinese (other language available)
Installed Power30 KW
Production Capacity8-10m/min

Steel Coil
Coil MaterialGalvanized Steel
Coil WidthBy door frame profiles
Coil Thickness1.0mm
Coil Yield Strength<=350Mpa

Weight Capacity3 000kg

Uncoiler ID


Uncoiler OD


Press & Punch
Driving PowerHydraulic
Punch DieDC53 alloy tool steel

Cutting System

Cut by Hydraulic Power, Pre-Cut 

Cutting DieD2 (High carbon-chromium tool steel), Heat-treated to HRC 58-62
Roll Forming System
Forming Speed10 meters/min ( Higher Speed is available)
Roller Stations20 Stations 
Roller Die MaterialCr12 (Chinese alley tool steel), Heat-treated to HRC 58-62

Conveyor Frame
Product Conveyornon-motorized (Automatic Stacking System is optional)
Lengthapproximate 6 meter 

Hydraulic System
HENGYUAN Hydraulic(China Brand)
Solenoid ValveATOS(Italy Brand)

Eletrical System
Low voltage SCHNEIDER
Touch ScreenWEINVIEW

General Description of Hollow Metal Frame Roll Forming

Hollow metal door frames are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Especially the places where door operating conditions are relatively bad.

Modern hollow steel door frame manufacturer has been producing a variety of stunning patterns. Some wood-like decorative galvanized steel door has both beautiful appearances of natural wood and strength of steel.

Fire-rated doors and frames play a very important role in the fire resistance of a building.  Steel hollow door is the wise choice for fire-proof.

A Stainless steel door frame is not only modern and shining but also stronger, longevity, and excellent fireproof. 

Developing with the modern metal door manufacturing, Brother Uion Machinery has been providing steel hollow door frame roll forming solutions for a variety of metal door manufacturers.

The following door profiles have been producing by machines made by Brother Union Machinery.

20201204 Galvanized Door Frame

Glavanized Door Frame Roll Forming

Brother Union Machinery has manufactured lots of door frame making machines. 

Especially for the South African market,  dozens of metal door frame production lines are made as to the customer's requirements. These door frames are made of mild steel or galvanized steel, and after a protective paint coating, these door frames have a popular appearance and longer service time.  

For large quantity standard framing production, Compared to a press brake, a roll forming line by Brother Union Machinery is a better choice.

20201204 Door Frame with wood-like decorative

Steel Framing with Decorative Coating Roll Forming

Modern hollow steel frame manufacturers produce door frames, window frames with flexible decorative coatings in numerous colors and textures. These framings are more expensive, but they are better suited for residential doors. Brother Union Machinery has produced a series of door frame roll forming lines to fit the European customer's higher requirements.   

Through the roll forming process, these PVC steel sheets go into wood-like door frames, which not only have the strength of steel but also have the beautiful wood-grain textures.  

20201204 Fire Door Frame

Security Door Roll Forming

Compared to a bending machine, a roll former has its advantage to produce a large quantity of stadarad security door frames.  These security door frames always have a higher thickness and visible line of corner connection.

Brother Union Machinery has been producing metal door frame production machines

We are always here to serve a metal door manufacturer, and we hope to receive your new roll-forming designing request with inventive door frame profiles.  

After all, our engineers and technicians are experts that experienced in metal door frame roll forming machines.

A Double-Rebate Door Frame Specification 

20201207 Hollow Metal Door Frame Specifications

Related Metal Sheeting Profile Drawings

20201211 Door Frame Profile By Brother Union Machinery01

 Single Rebate Door Frame with Seal Groove 

20201211 Door Frame Profile By Brother Union Machinery02

Single Rebate Frame without Seal Groove

20201211 Door Frame Profile By Brother Union Machinery03

Double Rebate Door Frame

20201211 Door Frame Profile By Brother Union Machinery04

 Double Rebate Door Frame with Seal Groove 

20201211 Door Frame Profile By Brother Union Machinery05

Double Rebate Door Frame

20201211 Door Frame Profile By Brother Union Machinery06

Double Rebate Door Frame

20201211 Door Frame Profile By Brother Union Machinery07

Hollow Metal Frame | Door Frame Profile

20201211 Door Frame Profile By Brother Union Machinery08

Hollow Metal Frame | Door Frame Profile

20201211 Door Frame Profile By Brother Union Machinery09

Safety Door Frame Profile Section

20201211 Door Frame Profile By Brother Union Machinery10

Custom Hollow Metal Frame Profile

The advantage of steel door / window frame profile

  • The modulus of elasticity of steel profiles is 3 times that of aluminum alloys, and the strength of steel buildings far exceeds that of aluminum alloy profiles.

  • Steel profile has more span than aluminum alloy

  • Steel, glass, and concrete have almost the same thermal expansion coefficient, so there is no need to leave expansion joints when installing steel frame doors and windows

  • Steel frame door much better at fireproofanti-theftexplosion-proof, and bulletproof.

  • The fireproof performance of steel frame doors and windows is far better than aluminum alloy. The melting point of steel is 1500°, and the melting point of aluminum alloy is 600°.

  • Steel will not melt when exposed to fire, will not release corrosive gases, and the frame will remain stable

  • Steel profile system can meet different grade fire proof requirements

  • The steel profile is strong and stable, high load, and durable, it is the ideal choice for security application.

  • Steel profiles are suitable for high-frequency operation, such as commercial fire-rated doors.






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