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Roll Forming Solutions for Automotive Industry

Brother Union Machinery has participated in metal-forming machine manufacturing for the automotive industry.
To reduce vehicle weight and improve security, High strength steels are widely used in the automotive industry, they are used mainly in chassis components, such as the front bumper, pillars, roof rail, and rocker rail.
We have experience in roll form the high yield strength steel and have the ability to design and produce roll forming lines for the vehicles industry.

The strength of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) is between 500MPa and 1500MPa, and it has good energy absorption. It plays a very important role in reducing the weight of automobiles and improving safety. It has been widely used in the automobile industry, mainly in automobile structural parts, safety parts, and Reinforcements such as A/B/C pillars, door sills, front and rear bumper, car door, anti-collision beam, stringer, seat parts such as slide rails;

Automotive Impact Beam


So far, the focus of automotive light-weighting is to reduce the thickness of the materials and increase the strength of the materials. The proportion of mild-carbon steel used in car bodies has been greatly reduced, while the proportion of high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel has been increasing.The structural parts of the car body are made of high-strength steel or advanced-high-strength steel.

20201219 Automobile Parts Roll Forming Production line

For advanced high-strength steel, roll forming is a suitable and efficient process to produce large quantity parts.

Brother Union Machinery has some experience in roll forming solutions for High Strength Steel (HSS), Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS). And we have been taking part in the high strength steel roll forming solution for vehicle parts manufacturers.

Vehicle Part Roll Forming Solution







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