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W Beam Guard Rail Roll Forming Machine

W-Beam galvanized steel guardrail is the most popular type of guardrail on the roadway system.
Brother Union Machinery has been producing guardrail roll forming machines.
Our experienced engineers are ready to supply you the high-efficiency roll formers to produce w-beam, thrie-beam and other custom design profiles.

Roll Forming Machine for W-Beam Guard Rails

The guardrail beam production line manufactured by Brother Union Machinery mainly produces two-wave guardrails

The two-wave guardrail specifications can be 4320*310*85*3/4, etc., 

Highway guardrails, also known as road barriers, are mainly used on highways system. With the development of the transportation industry, guardrails have gradually entered rural roads.

The commonly used specifications of highway wave guardrail are 4320*310*85*3, etc.

Highway wave guardrail boards are used in agriculture, animal husbandry, transportation, and municipal administration. Depending on the danger degree, different guardrails are selected.

Brother Union Machinery has the experience to manufacture the roll forming machines which produce various guardrails.

Brother Union Machinery can also supply customized roll forming machines according to customers' requirements.

Video of Guardrails Production Machine

Guardrail Profile Drawing

W Beam Guardrail Profile

Advantages of Brother Union Guardrails Production Machine

  • Sturdy machine Base and Framing, longer service life.

  • Quality Roller Dies, longer service life.

  • Automatic control, save more labour cost.

  • Finished Guardrail with Accurate Profile Section, accurate cutting length.

  • Easy Installation, Easy Operation, and Easy Maintainance

  • High Production Efficiency

  • Cassette type roll forming available for mutiple profiles of guardrails in one production line.

  • Cost-effective

  • Custom-made roll forming machines are available.

Layout and Workflow of Highway Guardrail Machine

Layout of Guardrail Production Line

20210105 Guardrail Layout

Workflow of roll forming line

Uncoiler with Coil Car - Coil peeler - Coil Leveling Machine - Feeding & Hole Punching - Pit - Roll Forming - Cutting - Conveyor and automatic Stacking Machine


Size(L W G) (m) Weight(Kg)
Uncoiler 2.5.3 × 1.5 × 2.0 
Coil Car 1.0 × 0.8 × 1.0 2500
Feeding Device 1.0 × 1.2 × 1.8 1200
Leveling Machine 1.0 × 1.2 × 1.2  1200
Hole Punching 1.8 × 2.5 × 3.5 10000
Roll Forming 16.0 ×1.8 × 1.6 16000
Shearing Device
2.5 ×1.2 × 2.0 1100
Hydraulic System
1.0 ×1.0 × 1.5 1350
Electrical System 1.2 ×0.8 × 1.2 800

General Data of Roll Former

The following data is the w-beam guardrail machine's general data. Because of some-customized modifications according to customer's requirements in real production, the actual data should be subject to the business contract.

Product Name: W-Beam Road Barrier Roll Forming Line

Layout Size (total)30.0 × 3.0 × 3.2 Meter (L W G) 
Weight(total)45,000 Kgs

Control System
PLC, High Speed Module
System LanguageEnglish, Chinese (other language available)
Installed Power65 KW

Steel Coil & Uncoiler with Coil Car
Coil MaterialS350/Q345
Coil Width


Coil Thickness2.5-4.0mm
Coil Tention Strength550Mpa
Coil Yield Strength350Mpa

Feeding, Press & Punch
Driving Power11000KN, Hydraulic Press
Punch Speed10 times/min
Punch DieDC53 (alloy tool steel)
Punch die Work-life5 million times

Roll Forming System
Forming Speed0 -15 meters/min
Roller Stations15 Stations 
Roller Die MaterialCr12 (Alloy tool steel)
Shaft Diameter90mm
Shaft Material

40 Cr steel (ASTM: 5140)

Driving Power37 Kw Motor
Total weight of roll forming mill16000kg

Cutting System
Cutting ModeFyling Cut (Drive by Servo Motor), waste free
Cutting Die MaterialDH53 alloy tool steel

Conveyor & Stacking
Automatic Stacking is Optional

General Description of Highway Guard Rails

A highway guardrail or a traffic crash barrier is an important part of the highway safety system.  The main purpose of a guardrail is to lead a safe road for traffic participates.  Guardrails can make roads safer and lessen the severity of crashes.

Components of a standard guide rail: beam, post, and spacer. 

The horizontal beam of a guardrail is to redirect the vehicle back onto the roadway. and the spacer connects the beam and post, it also has a function of absorbing the collision impact.

Normally, the beams are made by roll forming, and some post are roll formed. 

As a professional roll forming machine manufacturer, Brother Union Machinery has been providing roll forming solutions for the highway guardrails production. 

We have produced roll forming machines for W-beam Guardrail, Thrie beam Guardrail, Sigma Post, C Post.

20210106 W-beam crash barrier

W-beam Guard Rail

Brother Union Machinery has manufactured roll forming machines to produce w-beam guardrails.  

For large quantity standard guard rail beams production, Compared to a press brake, a roll forming line by Brother Union Machinery is a better choice.

20210106 Thrie Beam Guardrail before galvanizing

Thrie-beam Guard Rail

A thrie-beam steel guardrail is just like a double W-Beam Guardrail formed in one single profile, it is more fit to heavier vehicles in highway traffic.

Brother Union Machiney has plent experience in the 3-wave road barrier roll forming solutions.

20210106 Sigma Post for Guardrail

Sigma Post for Guardril Beam

Brother Union Machiney can produce roll formers for Sigma Post in highway guardrail system. Nomally the material of te post is carbon steel with surface galvanized.

We can also design custom fence post roll forming machine to produce according to customer's requirements. 

20210115 Roll Formed Guardrail C Post by Brother Union Machinery_副本

C Post for Guardril Beam

Brother Union Machiney can produce roll formers for C Post in a highway guardrail system. Nomally the material of the posts is carbon steel with surface galvanized..

U Post in a Guardrail System by Brother Union Machinery

U Post for Guardril Beam

Brother Union Machiney can produce roll formers for U Post in a crash barrier system. Nomally the material of the posts is carbon steel with surface galvanized..

We are always here to serve guardrail manufacturers, our engineers and technicians are experienced in custom roll forming solutions. 






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