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Downspout Machine

Brother Union Machinery has been producing downspout machines for the rainwater gutter system of building and construction.
A downspout is a pipe to carry rainwater in the rain gutter system. This industrial downpipe roll former is designed to produce corrugated downpipes from galvanized steel, painted steel, or stainless steel.
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Stainless Steel Downspout Production Machine

Stainless steel has a lot of advantages of corrosion-resistant, high tensile strength, very durable, low-maintenance, attractive appearance, and environmentally friendly (recyclable). But to roll-form the stainless steel sheet is something different, it is not as easy as to form a galvanized iron downspout.  

All the roller-dies in the roll-former are made of Cr12 Steel (Cr12 a Chinese alloy Tool steel,  equivalent to D3 Steel), they are very durable to fit the stainless steel rolling process.

and this roll former has a lower weight, and it is short in length, so it has the ability to be changed into a portable roll former working on-site sometimes.

Brother Union Machinery has also been manufacturing other roll formers for a roofing rainwater system, such as gutters, eaves.

Video of Downspout Machine

Rain Water Downspout Profile

Rainwater Downspout Profile

Advantages of Brother Union Downspout Machine

  • Sturdy machine Base and Framing, longer service life.

  • Quality Roller Dies

  • Automatic control system

  • Machine Size smaller,  lower weight, eletrical system and hydraulic system assembled in the roll former's base frame.

  • Easy Installation, Easy Operation, and Easy Maintainance

  • Finished Downspout with Accurate Profile Section

  • Downspout surface is good,no scratches

  • Custom-made roll forming machines are available.






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