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Pressing & Hole Punching In Roll Forming Line

,In roll forming process,the press or pressing machine play an essential roll. They are used in holes, notches puching and cutting-off in the sheet metal fabrication process. 
The pressing machines are classified into Hydraulic Presses and Mechenical Presses. Their apllicaiton in the sheet metal working mainly depends on the roll formed parts manufacturing process.
Brother union engineers have the ability to design accurate, efficient, high quality and economical punching solutions for your metal profiles.
In Press System design, we choose branded parts to ensure that the equipment works accurately, reliably and durablely.
Hole Punching System in Cable Tray & Ladder Production Line

Mechanical Press System in Roll Forming Process.

Punch Hose Profiles
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Mechanical Hole Punching is suitable for intensive, regularly distrubuted, unitary holes punching. It has a faster working speed to meet the cable tray and storage shelve uprights production. 

Hydraulic Press System in Roll Froming Process

door frame punch hole profile
Punching System in Highway Guardrail Production Line
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​Hydraulic Hole Punching Machine is suit to apply in multiple irregular hole-types in one metal profile. It is flexible layout can meet different process arrangement. e.g. hole-punching, extruded hole, embossing. Especially in the steel door frame production and highway guardrail production process.

Other Pressing & Punching in Roll Forming Process





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