Roll Former for ESP Collecting Electrode Plates
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Roll Former for ESP Collecting Electrode Plates

In most thermal power plants, especially in coal or oil fired power station, ESP(Electrostatic Precipitator) are widely used to collect the fly ash and dust particles to prevent air pollution. The ESP Anode Plate, working as a collecting plate plays an important roll in the application.
Brother Union Machinery, as a professional roll forming machines manufacturer, has abundant experience in ESP electrode plate roll former design and manufacture.we have produced several roll forming lines for ESP collecting electrode manufacturer.
Whether high-alloy stainless steels or carbon steel ESP plates, we are confident to supply customers with high performance and lower cost roll forming solutions.
Thanks to the customer's trust and choice, Engineers of Brother Union Machinery are lucky to participate in and make a little bit contribution to environmental protection.
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Roll Forming Machine for ESP Anode plate (Collecting Plates)

ESP Anode Plate Profile

ESP Anode Collet Plate Profile





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