Uncoilers & Coil Cars in Roll Forming Production Line

Uncoiler or called decoiler is  an essential machine in the roll forming industry. Brother Union Machinery has designed variety of Coil Handling Solutions roll forming line,   Thanks to our experienced engineer team, We have the ability to design and manufacture reliable uncoiler and coil car to satisfy customers' requirement. When choosing a uncoiler, production line designers need to consider all aspects of roll forming process, and help users get the right steel coil handling and uncoiling method :
  • Coil Weight
  • Coil Size (OD, ID and Coil Width)
  • Coil Thickness & Yield Strength
  • Coil Feeding Speed to the roll former
  • Uncoiler manufacture cost
  • Coil Handling Method - Coil Cart
  • ​Safety Arrangement
  • Other user's cusomized requirements
Decoiler and Coil Car System in Roofing & Wall Siding Production Line

Single Mandrel Uncoiler & Coil Car System

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​This single end uncoiler and coil car system is designed for standard roll forming line. Hold-Press Arm is equipped to prevent the steel coil unwinding suddenly and hurt operators. The base frame is heat treated and solid enough without deformation to ensure the main shaft rotating without radial run-out.

Pit Type Coil Car and Uncoiler System

Uncoiler and Coil Car in Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Line
Pit Type Coil Car and Decoiler in Roll Forming Line

This Uncoiler and Coil Cart sytem is designed for a highway guardrail roll forming line.
Automatic Uncoiler & Coil Car in Storage Shevling Upright Production Line

Coil Car, Rails & Uncoiler

Uncoiler & Rails & Coil Car By Brother Union Machinery
This Uncoiler and Coil Car sytem is designed for a storage shelving roll forming line.

Other Available Material Handling Methods





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