Steel Deck Roll Forming Machine
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Steel Deck Roll Forming Machine

Brother Union Machinery designs and manufactures metal decking roll forming machines for metal decking manufacturers. Our engineers can desing different profiles to suit modern composite steel deck concrete floor system in construction projects and applications. A composite steel decking system normally consists of steel deck, concrete floor slabs, steel beam, wire fabric, and other accessories.
Contact us for your high-performance steel decking roll forming machines for flooring and roofing.
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Roll Forming Machines for Metal Decking

1. General Description of Detal Deck Roll Forming Machine

This Roll Former produce  galvanised steel floor decks use in the construction of composite floor slabs. 

The machine is controlled by PLC, automatic working. It can automatically record the production quantity, automatically measure the length. It has Alarm Display and Emergency Stop function. All the machine working actions can be controlled by control panel. 

2. Floor Deck Profile Drawing

Floor Deck Profile Drawing by Brother Union Machinery

Floor Decking Profiles

3. Raw Material of Floor Deck

Material Thickness Width I.D. Max. O.D. Yield strength Max. coil weight
Galvanized Steel Coil 0.8-1.2 mm 1250mm Ф508 mm Ф1200 mm ≤300 Mpa 5 T

4. Main Parameters of Floor Deck Roll Forming Line

Work Temperature



380V±10%,50 HZ,3P (or customized)

Air Pressure

 0.6~1.2 Mpa

Total Power


Production Capacity

about 0-25 m/min(Not include shearing time)

Dimension (L*W*H) L≈ 30 m, W≈ 3m, H≈ 1.8m
Shipping Container 3 (pre-estimated)

5. Workflow of Floor Deck Roll Forming

Layout of Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

Uncoiling → Roll Forming →Cuting →Floor Deck Stacking

6. Devices in Floor Deck Roll Forming Line

No.  Component Quantity Remark

Uncoiler &Coil Car 

1 Set
2 Roll Former 1 Set
3 Roller Dies 1 Set
4 Cut-off Device 1 Set
5 Automatic Stacker 1 Set Optional
6 Hydraulic System 1 Set
7 Electrical System 1 Set

6.1 Uncoiler & Coil Car

Uncoiler & Coil Car

Automatic Uncoiler


Cantilever structure,Hydraulic expanding,

with press arm and brake device, 

automatic rotation. welded structures. 

Max Loading Capacity: 5T 

Motor power: about 4KW 

Coil car


Use hydraulic cylinder to drive the car up and down. 

The movement of the car is driven by motor.

Max Loading Capacity: 8T  

Motor power: about 2.2 KW  

6.2 Roll Former

Floor Deck Roll Former by Brother Union Machinery

Structure & Function: 

independent column wall 

Sprocket chain drive

Shaft material is 40Cr with quenching treatment, HRC45.

6.3 Roller Die of Roll Former

Production Process of Roll Dies.

production process of roller dies

6.4 Cut-off in Roll Forming Line

Stacking Machine for Roll Forming Line

Cut-off Die is made by Cr12MoV forged

Application: To cut off the product in length.

Structure:  The shearing machine adopts the motor(Or hydraulic) to drive the 

cutting knife motion and complete the shearing function. 






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