To start a roll forming business, what do I need to prepare?
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To start a roll forming business, what do I need to prepare?

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Roll forming is not a mystery business, after the 2nd Word War, roll forming technology firstly developed rapidly in the USA, and then the technology spread widely in the world.

For most roll forming companies, Tracing the origin of its company's development,they started their business from simple sheet metalworking. 

Due to the rapid-increased market demand, some owners choose to buy press brakes to improve working efficiency. Press brakes are used most often for short runs and low volumes. But for very large volume profiles or some long-span profiles, or high yield materials, a roll forming machine has its tremendous advantages. 

For example:

Highway guardrails, Roofing, wall siding, purlins, building trims, grain storage bins (silos), shelving, storage racks, cable ladder trays, doors, windows, automotive parts, and countless other products have all been roll-formed efficiently.

A corner of roll-formed profile sample room

Some buyers who want to start a roll forming business always ask: what should I need to prepare to start my roll forming business?

It is a relatively complex question, simply speaking, to start a roll forming business, you need to know some factors as followings:

  • Workforce, especially the technicians, an experienced technician who working in roll forming for long-term can give the boss a full suggestion from production, technical, and even market aspect.

  • Market. The market must have a large and steady demand for some roll-formed products, at least, the future run quantities should be higher than the minimum economical level from the market. 

  • Workplace. A workshop with service lines of electrical, compressed air, water, and others, which to lay the roll forming line. Buyers should also consider the coil storage space at the uncoiler, finished products packaging, storage area, and other space plans for the roll forming production.

  • Proper equipmentProper roll forming machines with other assistant equipment. 

In most cases, for long-term smooth running without too many troubles in production and maintenance, The higher quality, higher automatic, and higher accuracy and long-service life machines are the buyer's wise choice.

In some very special projects. The roll former just needs to run for a certain time to complete the urgent market demands. The buyer should understand this point and communicate to the machine manufacturer for a lower-cost solution.

To start a roll-forming business, there are also many factors that need to consider. As a professional roll forming machine manufacturer, Brother Union Machinery has an experienced engineer-team and workers to design custom-satisfied machines. Especially for custom roll forming solutions, we are proud that our high-quality custom-made roll formers not only meet the production needs of customers but also saves the cost of equipment investment.

A custom roll forming machine made by Brother Union Machinery in 2020





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