What affects the price of a roll forming machine?
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What affects the price of a roll forming machine?

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What affects the price of a roll forming machine?

When we buy a cold roll forming machine, we always consider the price. How does the manufacturer price the machine? What factors have a direct relationship with the roll forming machine price?
Here, as a sales manager of Brother Union Machinery, I briefly introduce these factors that have a close relationship with the machine price. So that when you buy roll forming machines, I hope it is helpful for you to buy cost-effective machines.

The factors involved in the pricing of a cold roll forming machine:

1. The complexity of the roll forming line, that is, the complexity of the profile you need to produce.

If the profile to produce is more complex, then the customized roll forming machine is also more complex, and the roll stations required are more. The production cycle is longer the longer, it will take longer time to debug, and the after-sales service is more.

20201221 A Complex Roll Forming Profile

2. The size of the customized profile.

If a profile is small, then the customized roll forming machine size is relatively small, the roll material is less, the whole machine will be relatively small, the steel used and all equipment units will be smaller. The price of the machine is also relatively low. The transportation fees are also relatively lower.

On the contrary, the price of the machine will increase the cost correspondingly with the size of the profile you want to customize.


3. The degree of automation.

This will also increase the production cycle and debugging time of the machine, and the components to be added to the entire automatic line will also increase, such as automatic stacking machine, which will also increase the price of the entire machine.
20201221Roll Forming Machine

4. Components brand

An international brand component has higher quality, but also with a higher price. For example, Normally a FESTO pneumatic cylinder's price is almost double of a normal brand cylinder.

Brand Element for a automatic roll forming production line

5. The accuracy of the profile and its surface requirements.

The higher the requirements, the higher the precision of the roll forming machine. that means more complicated to produce it. For example, the profile surface requirement is very high, so the rollers also need to be polished or chrome-plated, which will increase the production cost of the roll.

6. The production output speed of the roll forming machine.

The higher the speed, the higher the requirements of the roll forming machine. For example, for some profiles, a stop and cut device is enough for a general production speed. If the buyers need a fast production speed, the designer have to design a flying-cut device to meet the high-speed production of the roll forming line. The cost of the roll forming line will be increased.


All of the above will have an impact on the price of cold roll forming machines. Therefore, before ordering the roll forming equipment, you must put forward your own requirements for the above mentioned in detail with the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can better price and provide better service.





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