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Spacer in roll forming mill

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The spacer is also called the shaft sleeve. It is an important part used with the roller in the roll forming production line

Spacer of Roll Forming Machine

Although the surface hardness of this part is not as high as that of the roller, the accuracy requirements for linear dimensions and geometric tolerances are relatively is almost the same as rollers.

The spacer is installed on the shaft of the roll forming machine and is installed side by side with the roller, which plays the role of positioning the roller so that the rollers keep a precise position during the roll forming process and prevent the roller from moving axially.

The width tolerance of the spacer is usually +-0.03mm, and the parallelism of the two end faces is +-0.02mm.

Spacers should have keyways but they can have a larger plus tolerance than roll keyways.


Spacers should be clearly marked. The marking should be on the outside surface of the spacers

Spacers can be divided into two categories from the perspective of use: One-Piece Spacers and split spacers.

The One-Piece Spacer is made from seamless steel pipes.

A split spacer is easy to separate from the shaft, it is very convenient for roll forming machine operators to adjust the position of the rollers by removal and reinstallation of such split spacers.





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