Selection of Roller Material of Roll Forming Machines
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Selection of Roller Material of Roll Forming Machines

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Selection of Roller Material 

According to the specifications of roll formed products and the application environment, there are more specific requirements on the roller material in a roll forming line.

The application environment and material properties of cold roll forming roller and welded pipe roller are basically the same.

A cold-formed steel profile (roll formed steel profile) is made by gradually bending the steel strip through a serious of rollers which mounted on consecutive stands.

The rollers’ life and quality directly affect the output and quality of roll-formed profiles.

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The general principle of selection of roll material is to fit to its application environment.

No material is to fit all applications. The normal “good material” has its Specific working conditions and technical requirements.

The wear resistance of a material not only depends on the material itself, but also has a great relationship with the wear conditions. For the same material, the performance of different wear systems is quite different, and different working environments should use rollers of different materials

In the specific selection of roll material should be considered from the following aspects

(1)The roller material should have high wear resistance and suitable hardness. 

The abrasion resistance and hardness of the roll surface not only affect the service life of the roll but also affect the shape size and surface quality of rolled formed products.

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(2)The roller material should have sufficient strength and toughness. 

if the roll only has high wear resistance and hardness, without good strength (including fatigue strength) and toughness, the roller in the roll forming process may break or surface peeling, crack, affect the reliability and safety of the roll.

(3)The roller material must have certain cold machining and hot working performance

Cold machining refers to lathes, grinders, milling machines, drilling machines and other processing, while hot machining refers to casting, forging and heat treatment

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