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Recruitment of Brother Union Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 2008, Henan Brother Union Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd. is a R & D manufacturer dedicated to high-end professional roll forming machine and automatic sheet metal processing lines.

workshop of brother union roll forming technology co., ltd.

Our company is a private-owned enterprise, the product range mainly includes steel structure roll forming machines, logistics material roll forming machines, highway guardrail roll forming machines, automobile material roll forming machines(car door and window strip, anti- Collision beam), cable bridge system,cable tray system , and cabinet profiles roll forming machines, especially in custom roll forming production lines, Brother Union's product quality represent the high level in the China Sheet Metal Processing Industry.

Since its establishment, the company has exchanged and cooperated with companies in Finland, Italy, Germany and the United States. Our products mainly face high-end foreign customers, providing automatic and efficient cold roll forming equipment for well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

New Workshop of Brother Union Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd.

After the successful startup in the field (former company: Jinan Brother Union Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd.), the company's leadership decided to move back to Xinxiang city, and return to hometown to seek further development. Brother Union Machinery are ready to create a better futurer in the sheet metal processing industry.

1. Recruitment position: Electrical engineer (1 people), mechanical engineer (1 people).

2. Recruitment requirements:

Work conscientiously, have strong communication and coordination skills and teamwork awareness, and have a sense of responsibility;

Admission to basic English communication skills (required for installation and commissioning equipment abroad).

3. Main responsibilities: R&D, design, assembly, commissioning and installation of automation equipment.

4. Salary: negotiable

5. Registration method: Call registration, send your resume to the company mailbox.

Contact: Miao Yonggang

Interview: Weiliu Road and Jingjiu Road, Xiaodian Industrial Park, Xinxiang City, Henan Province.





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