Main Components of a Roll Forming Mill
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Main Components of a Roll Forming Mill

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Main Components of a Roll Forming Mill

Here we only talk about the roll forming mill in a roll forming line. (uncoiler, press & punch, servo feed, stacking, cutting..., the other equipment are not what we talk in this page)

Normally, a standard roll forming machine contains a base, stands, shafts, rolls, and drive system.

Machine Base

A rigid machine base is the foundation to build a good  roll forming machine, In Brother Union Machinery,  the upper surface of top plate of base is machined, where the  stands are mounted.

A rigid roll forming machine base, with top plate machined

The maching surface of a roll forming machine base

machining the mounted plate of a roll forming machine

Maching the mounted plate of a cassette type roll forming machine

keyways machining to position the stands

The machined keyways are used for aligning the Indepandent Stands installation position. 


In a roll forming pass, a pair of stands (drive-side stand and operate-side stand) hold and support the shaft and rolls. 

The stands are fastened by bolts to the machine base.

bearing block in a roll former stand

The bearing blocks should move freely up and down

neelde bearing in roll forming stands
For most roll forming machines, the bottom shafts is position fixed above the machine bed. And the top shafts is adjustable up and down by screws.


A qualified shaft should be made of proper material and has enough diameter to bear the heavy working condtion.
Especially to a long shaft, the shaft deflection should be considered when designing a roll forming shaft. 

Shaft of a roll former

Excessively high forces can bend the shafts permanently. Permanently bent shafts will change the product dimensions at every revolution of the shafts. 

Drive system

Nowadays, roll forming lines are usually powered by electrical motors. The most common tyes of driving a roll forming machine are chain dirve and gear drive.

Chain Drive Roll Former

A chain drive roll forming machine for roofing panel

Gear Box Drive Roll Former

Gear box drive roll forming machine for cable tray production

Roll Forming Mill - Gear Box Driving





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