Basics about Cold-formed Steel Products
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Basics about Cold-formed Steel Products

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Characteristics of Cold-formed Steel Products 

Cold-formed steel products generally take hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel as raw material and are processed by drawing, stamping, bending or cold-formed forming units at room temperature to bend into profiles of various section shapes.

Now, the cold formed section usually means steel section products produced by cold roll forming machines continuously.

Cold Roll Formed Products

Cold-formed steel has the following characteristics:

  • Through cold roll forming, it have the ability to produce multiply thickness and section complex section shape profiles, but it is difficult by general hot rolling method;

  • Due to the use of hot rolled or cold rolled strip as raw materials, cold roll forming steel products with smooth surface, high dimensional accuracy, and product length can be flexibly adjusted according to user needs;

  • Product section can be flexible designed according to the use requirements, with reasonable structure.

  • The section performance (section coefficient) of cold-formed steel products per unit weight is superior to that of hot-rolled profiles, which can save 10-40% of steel in general.

  • By the roll formed steel structure, it effectively reduces the structural dead weight, reduce the foundation, easy to construct, shorten the construction time, and thus reduce the comprehensive construction cost;

  • It is Suitable for earthquake resistance and general fire-resistant structure;

  • The mechanical components for automobile, tractor, trailer, rail transit and agricultural machinery, it can obviously reduce the weight of equipment, save the power consumption, and improve the working efficiency of transportation and machinery.

  • About raw steel material of Cold Roll Forming, it can be varied, include not only general carbon structural steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, but also all kinds of composite metal materials, coating plate (galvanized aluminum plating, etc.), coating plate (such as kinds of organic plastic coating).

  • The roll forming process can be combined with other processing methods, such as: incision, punching, indentation, welding and other procedures. It can produce a variety of types of profiles, or even can be used for direct parts products.

  • The cold roll forming production line is simple, light weight, less occupying space, easy operation, fewer operators, low product cost, and high production efficiency.

Characteristics of Cold-formed Steel Products





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